Permanent Residency for Denmark Immigration

Permanent Residency for Denmark Immigration

The Danish Green Card allows an individual to live and work in the country if they were able to score high enough to be eligible for a Denmark Visa. An applicant will be evaluated based on his language skills, work, education and other important factors. If an applicant was able to reach the minimum required points, you will be offered a Residence Permit and this permit will be valid for 24 months.

Why Migrate to Denmark from Dubai

Denmark is considered as a happy nation. More and more people are considering in migrating to Denmark as it is one of the most promising nation in the world when it comes to GDP and it has a growing stable economy. Denmark offers a number of growing industries and offices. It simply offers a perfect work and live balance to all working class living in the country. You will be able to get a free education, world class health care and facilities for free and access to social security. Danish people are naturally very friendly and has low rate of pollution.


If you are planning to move to Denmark, Permits and Visas can help you from assessing your qualification, knowing your eligibility to getting the application submitted and successfully reach your goal. We offer a comprehensive Free Visa Assessment to all aspirants from all over the world. We assess your skills, age, education, work. financial capabilities and other qualification to know which Denmark Visa is right for you.

You can click the link below or fill out the Free Assessment Form on this page to be able to talk to one of our Immigration Consultants in Dubai or you can simply dial our office hotline at +971 4 553 8913 today.