Panama Pensionado Visa

The Panama Pensionado Panama Visas is open to citizens of all foreign countries who wants to apply. There are no age restrictions whatsoever. Basically, there are two types of permits and visas under this category:

  • The Pensioned Tourist Permits and Retirement Visa; and
  • Retirement Pensioner’s Visa

The Pensioned Tourist Visa gives the eligibility to the foreign national to live in Panama without restrictions whatsoever indefinitely. For this to be possible the standard Panama Visa Requirement is a proof that they are pensioners. This proof has to be a monthly receipt of at least $500.

The Panama Retirement Pensioner’s visa on the other hand is a standard residence permit to live in Panama without restriction only for a 5 year period after which the applicant can submit an application for renewal. The renewals are indefinite. For this Panama visa application to be successful, the applicant must present a proof of minimum income of $750 and a $100 for each dependent the applicant is bringing into Panama. The applicant will also be required to make a fixed term deposit of $200,000. This money will be held in the bank for a 5 year period without breaking the balance.

Applicants are allowed to retain their current national passport and they are also allowed to apply for the Panamanian Citizenship once they qualify. They are free to purchase properties and real estate in their name and are free to bring in their dependents.

If you need help with obtaining a Panama Pensionado Visa, you can talk to our experienced Immigration and Visa officers who will be more than willing to help you through the process.


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