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Panama Immigration Using Pensionado Retirement Permit

Panama may be unpopular but it’s a place to be. It is known in the world because of the famous Panama Canal but it is definitely a more interesting place to be. Being a country in between oceans, the traffic from ships travelling its shores creates an economic buzz that’s so vibrant. The natural resources found in the country, the proximity to the US and the tourism potentials of the country makes it a beautiful place to settle down after all. For foreign nationals who wants to retire here, you can apply for the Panama Pensionado Retirement Permit.

The Pensionado Permits and Retirement Visas allows anyone to migrate and live in Panama permanently. If you are willing to work, you will be given the opportunity to work or even start your own business. Panama Visas can be obtained from the Panama consulate in your country. After obtaining a Panama Visa Application, you will need to meet the Panama Visa requirements as well. If you don’t, your visa will not be granted. The requirements are stated below:

  • You must supply a proof of foreign monthly income of at least $750.
  • You should also have a fixed liquid asset of no less than $200,000. This amount should be deposited in the bank and should remain for at least 5 years.
  • A proof of intent to live in the Panama as a retiree or otherwise.

Panama permits and visas will generally be issued once your documents have been confirmed and your application considered valid.


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Panama Pensionado visa

Panama allows you to migrate to Panama and to work and live there permanently as well as to retire in the country. You may also put up your own business in Panama.

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