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Panama is one of those unpopular but unique destinations of the world. This is a country that doesn’t blow trumpets but has many opportunities for immigrants whether for retirement, investment, business or pleasure. It is a coded location that is filled with excitement for all who love peaceful and inspiring life.

Panama can be found in between Southern and Northern America. It shares borders with Costa Rica on the west and Colombia on the South-eastern parts, the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Caribbean to the north. Imagine how this country is well located. It is a perfect place for tourists too. The country was established by Spain in the 16th Century after it cut out from Colombia in 1903. This led to the building of the Panama Canal.

Panama boasts of being the 3rd to 4th largest economy in the whole of Central Americas and is also widely known as one of the economies with the largest per-capita consumers in the whole of Central America. According to the index of Global Competitiveness from the World Economic Forum, Panama is the most competitive economy. The official currency in Panama is the US dollar.

All foreign nationals are welcome to Panama to explore. You can obtain Panama Visas from the Panama consulate office. The Panama visa application is pretty straightforward too and is not as competitive as visas from 1st world countries. Depending on what type of permits and visas you are applying for, you can either get visas that is Panama work visas inclusive or ones that is non-inclusive. Whichever you choose, you can count on the expertise of our Immigration Professionals to help you obtain Panama permits and visas. We will guide you through the Panama visa requirements and ensure your chances of obtaining a visa is higher than those who applied without us.


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