Obtaining A Work permit for Canada

Obtaining A Work Permit For Canada From Dubai

Not all foreigners are required a Canadian Work Visa. There are people who are not required to have a Canada Work Visa. These individuals are as follows:

  • Foreign Diplomats
  • Military Official
  • Clergy
  • Performing Artists
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Ship or Truck Personnel
  • Foreign Buyers and Sellers

An individual who is working under a Work Permit can possibly get a Canada Permanent Resident Visa. If you  work in the country for more than 1 year under a valid work permit, you may be eligible to apply for a Canadian Experience Class program or other immigration program depending on your situation and qualifications.

An individual can apply for a Temporary Work Permit and a Canada Immigration Visa. Work Permits who are submitted at the Canadian Port of Entry will be issued the same day based on your qualifications which is rare. Most of the Work Permits are filed from outside the country and issued depends on the requirements and the workload of the applicant. This might take days to weeks.


Permits and Visas dedicated Immigration Consultants for Canada will help you and assist you in obtaining a Work Permit for Canada from Dubai. Our team of professional and reliable experienced Canadian Immigration Agents will assess your profile and explain to you your situation, your eligibility, the Canadian Visa which is right for you, the application requirements, the processes and the fees.

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