Most people don’t know that the first wave of Romanians and Bulgarians arrived in the UK fleeing persecution from the second world war. More then 60 years on and following the lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians from the 1st January 2014, the UK readies itself for a possible new wave of immigrants.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that, in 2012, 101,000 Romanian-born people were resident in the UK, this figure is predicted by many to vastly increase. A recent survey showed that over three quarters of Britons are against Immigration.

The lifting of restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians probably could not have come at a worse time, fostering a climate of heightened public concern, Immigration is increasingly a common topic being fiercely debated between the country’s main political parties and is now further set to become a key topic heading into a 2015 election.