UK government experts were amazed that there was no discussion of the new immigration bill in the Queen’s Speech on 4th July, 2014. It was rumored that Prime Minister Bob Cameron was planning a new bill two weeks previously but, when the queen created her speech, there was no discussion of it.

Westminster associates said that inner govt wrangling had seen that the bill was eliminated at the last moment. The Home Office, the division that is accountable for working with migrants into the UK, said that it was busy applying the UK’s last migrant’s act which was only approved by parliament in May.

The Queen’s conversation is a yearly occasion at which Queen Elizabeth describes the regulation that her government plans to present over the coming year. During a day of pomp and ceremony, the Queen is needed to read the conversation to the assembled associates of the UK parliament.
Prediction of the Immigration Bill
In the times before the speech was declared, government’s commentators has predicted that an immigration bill would be one of the bills planned for parliamentary concern before the next election that are due in May 2015.

On 24th May, The Daily Telegraph, a paper with powerful links to the Conservative party, expected that an immigration bill would be included in the Queen’s speech. According to The Telegraph, the bill would have included actions to ‘block Europeans people from inadequate nations arriving to England for work’. It would also have presented actions to avoid UK organizations from utilizing unlawful employees.

However, when the text of the speech was published, there were no points related to the immigration bill. Westminster experts said that this was because the Liberal Democrats, associates of a coalition government with Mr. Cameron’s Conservative Party, had vetoed it.

‘Staggering’ The opposition Labor Party said that it was ‘staggering’ that there was no discussion of immigration in the speech. Labor MPs questioned by the press had clearly been directed to explain the Coalition government as a ‘zombie’ government which was deceased but still strolling until the next election in 2015.

They said that the 11 bills defined in the speech revealed that the government has all but floor to a stop. It is the smallest variety of bills set out in a Queen’s speech for many decades. The common since 1994 has been about 20 and in 2006 there were 45 bills defined in the speech.

It is considered that Mr. Cameron was eager to consist of an immigration bill which would have restricted the right of EU people to stay and to declare advantages in the UK to reverse the electoral risk to the Conservatives presented by the right-wing anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP).

UKIP ‘earthquake’
UKIP triggered a governmental ‘earthquake’ in the UK on 22 May 2014 by winning the biggest number of seats in the UK for the European parliament. It says that this would have many advantages for the UK chief among which would be the capability to ‘take control of our borders’ again.

The UK is a participant of the EU and, therefore, EU people from other states have the right to stay and work in the UK. This, UKIP says, is leading to lack of employment amongst UK people as they are undercut by employees from eastern European nations who are ready to work for much less. This concept has had significant attraction, particularly among working category voters.