A record 30.43 thousand people are currently working in the UK; this is the evidence of the government’s continuous initiative to support business growth and eventually increase job creation. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK market saw an unbelievable growth of employment of 283,000 in the past 3 months.

What’s even more motivating is that 48,000 of these jobs have given to youngsters, leading to lack of employment amongst youths being at a record low since 2008. Further to individuals being employed, job openings increased up by 116,000 places over the previous year, providing the job openings in the UK economic system to 628,000.

As mentioned by the Minister of Employment Ether McVey, Britain’s present financial program has fostered many job possibilities for employees and has permitted many business owners to set up their own companies. McVey further mentioned that, “[everyone] who has started a new beginning or employed someone new is allowing Britain a more flourishing and assured place to be”
A huge factor to this development is the increase of non-UK people obtaining employment. Roughly 25% of the employment strength consists of non-UK people, many of them are youths. With the latest release of the UK (Tier 1) Graduate Entrepreneur and Exceptional Talent visa categories, more adolescents are being provided to be able to succeed financially in the UK.

Therefore, if you are considering a shift to another part of the world for work, the UK is a good starting point and now is the time to do so as the nation is experiencing a financial and employment prosperity.