UK, LONDON: Indian Students will face more difficulties in availing Students vise to United Kingdom from coming November.

In the recent Immigration act announced by Britain government has forced a crackdown on student visa.

As per the act tougher rules will be imposed from November on the universities and colleges who sponsor international students Visa to study in the Uk.

As per the current Student act the educational institutions can enjoy highly trusted Sponser status even if the home office rejects 20% or fewer Students application, however from now this figure will be reduced to 10% from November after the three months grace period to re-examine and improve their admission procedures.

Educational Institutes could lose their right to fetch new students from overseas if more then 10 applications are rejected by the authorities. Such change will ensure all the institutes are playing their part in administering immigration rules to enjoy the benefits of fetching foreign students.

2011 and 2012 has seen a 38% drop in the number of students coming from India to all the universities in UK. The estimated value of UK higher education exports to the economy in 2011-2012 was approx £10 billion. Further the income from such students through tution fees in 2012 – 2013 came to approx £3 billion which represented approx 30% of overall tution fees.

Due to these enforcement England has recorded sharp drop in overseas students enrolling in British Universities.

As per the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), number of Indian students fell from 18,535 in 2010-11 to 13,250 in 2011-12 and further to 10,235 in 2012/13.

Home Secretary Theresa May said “We are building an immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants, but tough on those who abuse it or flout the law. The Immigration Act is a landmark piece of legislation that will make Britain a less attractive place for those who come here for the wrong reasons, and will allow us to remove more people when they have no right to remain”. She added “We will always act when we see abuse of our immigration system. And that is why we are tightening the rules to cut out abuse in the student visa system”.

The survey of a third of London’s universities found that in total an average of Rs 250 million (£2.5 million) has been awarded to students each year from India and over Rs 700 million (£7million) over the last three years. These figures could actually be three times higher (over £7 million per year) as just 17 universities in the London University International Partnership (LUIP) took part in the study.

London Universities International Partnership (LUIP) is a group of 15 London universities who are working with London & Partners to promote the city as the best place in the world to study.

The LUIP Alumni Survey found that 24% and 19% of students in UK hailed from Mumbai and Delhi (NCR), respectively.