Canadian Immigration department has successfully granted it first first entrepreneur start-up visa to two applicants supported by Vancouver Growlab Ventures.

In the meeting with business leaders last week to further promote the first of its type in the world Start-up Visa to Canada, Mr Chres Alenxander is encouraging business owners across all the provinces to help identify your entrepreneurs wanting to set up a start-up business in the country.

Such Opportunities would give a way forward for the entrepreneurs plus it may also result in economic growth and long term prosperity of the country. This will further help the labour market but creating more jobs plus creative business ideas will promote the country world wide.

To be eligible for this landmark start-up a applicant is required to first secure a significant investment from one of the designated angel investor groups setup for the program. Financial commitments from business incubator firms and venture capital funds are also acceptable.

Residency visas depend on language proficiency skills in English or French at benchmark 5 levels for speaking, reading writing and listening. Applicants should also have one year or more’s education at a post-secondary level, and the pilot entrepreneur program is slated to run for five full years.