Worldwide students who have completed their graduation from a Canada school or university now have to be able to easily negotiate in Nova Scotia after their research is finished.
The county declared on 10th June 2014, that international graduates with a degree from a Canada school or university can now apply for permanent residency through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, if they have a job offer from a Nova Scotia company.
“Now, because of these changes to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, international graduate learners will have a probability to immigrate to Nova Scotia that wasn’t open to them before,” said Durgesh Singh, a college student in NSCC’s development control program.
As formerly revealed, Nova Scotia’s inhabitants is continuously decreasing due to the high output of youngsters from the province. A latest review mentioned that fascination and preservation of immigrant employees would help to avoid this.
The plan change is also predicted to get noticed from potential international students who are enthusiastic about learning in the Nova Scotia.