In the past year, one in every 20 foreigner obtained a 457 “working holiday” visa which allows them to stay in any part of Australia for four years.
This season the Immigration Division is going to allow another 241,100 of the same visas to foreigners.

Eileen O’connor, the national secretary of the centre for population and urban research stated the problem will be the struggle between international and local employees begins with Australian companies who choose migrant employees who were “pretty easy to control”.

O’Connor says that companies should be compelled to promote all jobs on particular Australian job forums first before choosing migrant employees.

“Backpackers are being involved in the real estate market on semi-skilled laboring jobs, where there would be many perfect applicants regionally to do the work,” he said.

But the Assistant Minister of Immigration, Michaelia Cash has informed The Weekend Australian – it’s up to the jobless to search for out the perfect job.

“The reason our fruits gets selected sometimes, unfortunately, is foreigners,” Cash added.

“It would be great if some of those people out on the dole selected fruits.”
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