Student Visa for New Zealand | Check requirements

Student Visa for New Zealand | Check requirements

A Student Visa is a legal endorsement an applicant needs in his passport to travel to New Zealand for the purpose of the study. Student Visa is permission to the applicant to study in New Zealand. It will state the expiry date and give the conditions of your permit. The conditions of your Student Permit will include details about:

Course of study
The educational institution that is required to study with.
The location of the institution in New Zealand.



  • All qualification documents including (10TH, 12TH, BACHELOR DEGREE)
  • IELTS with Minimum Band Score should be 5.5 / PTE with Minimum Score in the Range of 43-50
  • Valid Passport

Must have an Offer letter of the Candidate for the suitable course in New Zealand Institution depending upon his previous Qualification and IELTS / PTE Score.

  • FINANCIAL Stability

The Candidate has at least Rs. 22 – Rs. 25 lacs funds for the NEW ZEALAND STUDY  VISA and the funds should cover Tuition fees and Living cost for the period of study in New Zealand. While the study period if the applicant is allowed to work then he can manage his expensive there only.


Applicant must meet the health requirements. He needs to undergo health examinations as part of the visa application process.

Sometimes the health assessment process can take several weeks to complete. To help avoid delays, the applicant can choose to undertake your health examination prior to lodging your visa application. The applicant can undergo medical Examination from the PANEL PHYSICIAN of New Zealand High Commission.

How long does a visa take to get?
Student visa processing time to Immigration New Zealand is mostly between four and six weeks.

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