New Criteria for Fast Processing of Canadian PR Cards from Dubai

New Criteria for Fast Processing of Canadian PR Cards

The Canadian government has recently published the new criteria for quick processing of Canadian Permanent Residence for those who apply to Canada. As of now, it only takes about 41 days to process a new Permanent Residence permit and about 63 days for renewal or replacement. However, there are some situations where the application process can even be made faster.

A permanent residence permit is the official proof of eligibility of an individual to be a permanent resident of Canada. It is also what allows the holder to enter and stay within Canada whenever they are returning from another country. In order for a candidate to qualify for urgent processing of the Canadian Permanent Resident permit (within 3 months), one of the following conditions must have been satisfied:

  • When the PR is requested due to serious illness of the applicant or the serious illness or death of their family member; or
  • When the PR is required in order to obtain employment or to travel because of employment requirement or opportunity

Canada immigration authorities expects applicants to provide documents listed below to prove their need for urgent processing of PR visas to Canada:

  • A valid proof of travel which should include tickets, travel documents which should state the destination and dates of travel
  • A valid proof of payment for travel which should show amount paid, mode of payment and the date payment was made
  • A letter which should state the reasons and need for express processing
  • Proof of urgency which could be a doctor’s note, a death certificate or an employer’s letter


All applications submitted for urgent processing will first be reviewed by the IRCC to ensure that all necessary requirements for urgent processing are met. The application will then be forwarded for completion. All applications that do not have all the required documents will be returned to the applicants, requesting that they add the missing documents.

All requests that are received after application has started will be reviewed to ensure that all criteria for urgency are met. All applications that meet the requirements are forwarded to the urgent processing stream while those that do not meet the requirements are place in the regular processing stream.


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