Negative Reviews


I heard a lot of negative things about Denmark before making the decision to travel down here and while most of them turned out not to be true, I still have to point out the fact that the language barrier is an issue. Where I stay, a lot of people have issues with understanding English and I have a difficulty with easily communicating with them.

Sandeep Shah

I’m an avid lover of food and sometimes, I tend to be very picky with what I eat so while Hong Kong is definitely beautiful and has a plethora of restaurants to choose from, I also have to say that their selection of food could definitely use an upgrade. Most of the restaurants around my home serve foods that I’m not really comfortable eating and although I found a restaurant that serves my type of food, it’s quite far.

Arif Ali

Getting a job in Singapore is not as easy as it might look. I moved here a few months ago and while I have to thank Permits and Visas for what thy helped me with, I must also point out that it took me a while to get a job I was satisfied with.

Rommel Ronquillo

I might sound like a nag, but I’m not really comfortable with the living conditions where I stay in Singapore. Accommodation costs are high and I end up spending a large chunk of my salary on food and upkeep, leaving me with very little money to save.

Akshay Desai

Malaysia is beautiful and all, but there are quite a lot of people here….at the very least, too much for my taste. I prefer somewhere with a little bit of privacy but it almost seems like wherever I turn, there’s always someone around.

Elilta Thomas

Internet here in Panama is fair, but it could us some upgrading for sure. Unlike in New York where I have connection wherever I go, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have to get to certain parts of town to be able to enjoy access to quick and stable internet connectivity.

Heli Nirkos

Getting a job in Germany might not be as easy as you expect. A lot of the biggest companieshere have a lot of strict requirements and they seem to favor their nationals and the fact that I can’t speak German so fluently gave me an added disadvantage.

Malik Das

As a woman, I had a hard time coping with some of the working conditions in South Africa. I had to work extremely long hours, which I’d normally be cool with except for the fact that I live really far from my place of work and the streets of Johannesburg aren’t exactly the safest to be found randomly traipsing on at night.

Sohail Aziz

Singapore is beautiful country but living in Singapore is really hard. Cost of living here in Singapore is pretty high also you might not find it that easy to get a job.

Delza Ali

I love South Africa but that food is not comfortable also a work place is so far from residency. So it’s take lots of hours.

Nitesh Pandit