Permits and Visas Negative Feedback


One of the reasons why I decided to move to Malaysia was how much people seemed to love and praise the country. It was almost like the country was lined with god and I was incredibly eager to see just how beautiful it is. On getting here, I found out that it’s not exactly so.



Please note that if you’re coming to Singapore, you might not find it that easy to get a job. I moved here not long ago and as opposed to other places, I had some difficulty with getting a job that I was happy with.

Amair Shaik

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world and everyone knows that. However, the way they work here is really insane they almost basically work you out all day and you get remuneration that isn’t really worth all your troubles. You need to be ready to work yourself out if you’re looking to get to Germany and find a decent job. I’s just how things work over here.

Ruhel Ahmed

India has a lot of beautiful spots and all, but I have to say that the number of people here is quite alarming. It almost seems like you can’t get any privacy. Everywhere is crowded ad wherever you turn your face to, you can rest assured that at least to people will be there waiting or you.

Danish Singh

The number of people in India is just insane and due to this surge in population, the sanitary conditions of many places are quite bad. Some of them live on the streets and the markets are incredibly crowded as well, so you can’t enjoy a shopping trip as well.

Shameena Mushtaq

I love where I stay in Australia, but the language barrier is something I’m still trying to overcome. They speak English really fast and it takes me a while to actually get what they say.

Sarika Azad

I love where I stay in Canada, but the language barrier is something I’m still trying to overcome. The language barrier here is pretty serious and you have to listen pretty hard to hear the people who even speak English.

Sayad Husain

Denmark is one of the most developed and beautiful countries in the world. But Getting a job in Denmark might not be as easy as you expect. There are lot of strict requirements and also language barrier here is pretty serious.

Aamin Khan