Canada gives the opportunity to the people with professional skills and experience from around the world to come and experience the better life in Canada. A large population of Canada comprises skilled immigrants. There are many provinces in Canada that offer better opportunities to immigrants. The provinces of Ontario and Quebec is still the most popular provinces for settlement by new permanent residents, but British Columbia welcomed more immigrants than Quebec.

Ontario—103,494 immigrants
Canada’s largest province by population in Ontario. Toronto, and the nation’s capital city, Ottawa. The province has also historically been the epicenter of Canadian immigration, making Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Most immigrants come to Ontario because of the opportunities. With a diverse, thriving economy, span the full range of professions, from agriculture to information technology. Job opportunities levels in the Ontario have been strong in recent years, and are expected to continue.
The only French-speaking province in Canada is Quebec. The capital city is Quebec City, with a population of nearly 800,000. Quebec is also home to Canada’s second largest city, that had the great history in terms of immigration. Historically, Montreal—Canada’s second largest city—competed with Toronto as the primary destination for immigrants from around the world.
Québec’s economy is advanced industrialized and diversified. Quebec’s has the highest manufacturing sector that produces a huge variety of products for the purpose of export, such as air traffic control equipment, software, subway trains, helicopters, air purifiers, and toys. Montreal, the province’s capital, has developed many big industries related to aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy, transportation, and finance.
Quebec Major City: Montreal
As the second largest city in Canada, Montreal attracts a large number of immigrants every year to live and work in the area. Montreal is home to over more than 4 million people including immigrants, which includes nearly half of the population of the province of Quebec. Immigrants account for more than 30% of the total population of Montreal. The city boasts representation from 120 different cultural communities with origins on each of the world’s continents.


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