Australian Skilled Independent Visa

Migrate with Australian Skilled Independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visas is probably the most popular visa to Australia among immigrants all across the world. The visa is specifically designed for skilled migrants who may not have state, territory, employer or family member in Australia’s sponsorship. The selection basis for this visa is the skills, profit score and experience of the candidate. All who are able to obtain this visa are given Permanent residency in Australia, they with their family members.

To apply for this skilled worker Australia visa, a candidate needs to first choose an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List of Australia after which an Expression of Interest is to be submitted. Those whose profiles are selected are given Invitation to Apply for visa within a period of 60 days.

Key Requirements of Subclass 189 Visa

To be able to apply for this visa, a candidate must:

  • Have chosen an occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List of Australia
  • Have scored at least 60 points based on profile factors such as age, qualification, work experience, proficiency in English and other applicable components
  • Be under 50 years of age
  • Have a positive skills assessment from appropriate authorities
  • Have the appropriate IELTS scores
  • Submit an Expression of Interest
  • Have valid health and character certifications

Benefits of the Visa

This visa gives the opportunity to you and your family to:

  • Live and work in Australia without restrictions with Australia working visa
  • Study full time in Australia at any institution of learning and at any level of study
  • Access subsidized healthcare
  • Access certain social security benefits
  • Apply for Australian citizenship after meeting the requirements for such
  • Sponsor any other family member for PR status in Australia


Immigration to Australia can be via many routes, one of them is the Skilled Independent visa. There are many job opportunities in Australia which is why immigration to Australia from Dubai is one of the best decisions you can make for your family right now.

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