Migrate to Canada Under Provincial Nominee Program

Migrate to Canada Under Provincial Nominee Program

Canada created the Provincial Nominee Program for entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in a particular province in Canada and this is through an accelerated process of immigration. The purpose of the program is to attract economic growth and employment as needed in Canada. The provinces that are accepting applications under this program are below:

  1. Manitoba
  2. Saskachewan
  3. British Columia
  4. New Brunswick
  5. Quebec
  6. Yukon
  7. Northwest Territory
  8. Prince Edward Island

What are the Benefits of the PNP Visa for Canada

  • This has accelerated process of immigration and shorter time to become a Permanent Resident of Canada
  • You can live, work and study in the nominated province of Canada as well as your family
  • There are only few government regulations from the start of your business
  • You will have free healthcare access and your children can have free education
  • You can sponsor a family member and become a permanent residence in Canada
  • You can apply for Citizenship for Canada

What are the requirements?

  • You have to have a proof of your business ownership of you have a management experience
  • You have to meet the required funds required by the nominated province to establish a new business or partnership company in the nominated province
  • You must have a detailed plan for the business you will be involved with


If you are confused on how to go about the Provincial Nominee Program for Canada, call Permits and Visas today and talk to one of the Immigration Consultants. Know your eligibility for a Canadian Visa. Migrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP.