Migrate to Canada in 6 Months From Dubai

Migrate to Canada in 6 Months

Canada is open to welcoming Skilled Professionals from around the globe to work and live in the country. One of the options available for individuals who are interested in Canada Immigration is the Federal Skilled Trades Program. This will allow the people who have job offers or certification to work in an occupation listed in the occupation list of Canada to obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. This will work in any Canadian province or Territory of Canada except Quebec.

In order for an applicant to be eligible for Canadian Immigration particularly the Permanent Resident Visa, applicants must fulfill the following basic requirements needed:

  1. Applicant must have a job offer from Canaidna employers, up to two, with at least 1 year contract or any certificate of qualification from any province or territory of Canada
  2. You must be able to prove that you have the basic language ability for English or French from an institution.
  3. Applicant must obtain at least 24 months of work experience in one of the skilled trade occupations in the last 5 years
  4. Applicant must be able to prove the skills and experience in the profile and the duties performed

There are a total of 90 eligible occupations at the moment for Federal Skilled Trades Program. Some of the popular industries are below:

1. Industrial workers, electrical and construction trades
2. Maintenance workers and equipment operation trades
3. Supervisors and technical workers in national resources, agriculture
4. Processing, manufacturing workers and utilities supervisors and central control operators
5. Chefs as well as cooks
6. Butchers and also bakers


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