Manitoba Canada Welcomes New Immigrants

Manitoba Canada Welcomes New Immigrants

Are you looking for how to work in Canada? Whether you are looking for Civil engineering jobs in Canada or HSE Engineer jobs in Canada or Oil and Gas jobs in Canada, you can count on us at Permits and Visas to guide you in the right direction and help you obtain your Canadian visas which enable you to work.

Manitoba, one of the renown provinces in Canada, is growing because of Immigration. Over the last decade, about 130,000 people from all over the world have migrated to Canada and have found home in welcoming communities such as Manitoba, in the prosperous Canadian province.

Immigrant families are given the opportunity to come take advantage of the high employment rates as well as enjoy the high affordability of products and services and enjoy the peace that comes with living in the towns and cities of Manitoba, Canada.

Each immigrant that finds his or her way in is helping in a way to build a better future for Manitoba. To do this we help you to:

  • Choose Manitoba: You can learn more about the Manitoba province, the business and job opportunities that abound in the province as well as the services available to help support new life in Manitoba.
  • Apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) or choose another route which suits you in migrating to Manitoba
  • Plan your movement to Manitoba so that on arrival, you can take advantage of the settlement and the employment opportunities and services available for newcomers.
  • Hire immigrant skilled workers for Manitoba employments through the MPNP program and this way we help to recruit and retain internationally experienced workers both abroad and here in Manitoba.


Are you looking to migrate to Canada and you wouldn’t mind the Manitoba province, you are welcome to consult with our agents and Permits and Visas. You can easily do that by filling the free online visa form and one of our agents will revert shortly.