MALAYSIA My Second Home Visa

Malaysia My Second Home Visa

Are you tired of staying in your home country? Do you want to explore other parts of the world? You can make Malaysia your second home. This country is one of the sweet places for people who wants to escape their home country and find somewhere else to settle down and retire. Malaysia is a peaceful place with a welcoming people. Malaysian visas are also easy to obtain whether for you alone or for your whole family, if you are married. The Malaysia My Second Home visa is perfect for you. It gives full options to foreign citizens.

The process of obtaining the Malaysia My Second Home Malaysia retirement visa starts with submitting a valid Malaysia visa application to the consulate. To submit a valid application, you will need to present certain documents which includes:

  • A monthly total income of RM10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies; and
  • Liquid assets that are worth RM350,000 for those who are 50+ years old and RM500,000 for those below 50 years old.

These documents together with a properly filled application qualifies you for the Malaysia My Second Home permits and visa. Once your Malaysia visa application is successful, a visa will be issued with the following benefits:

  • 10 years indefinitely renewable visa
  • Eligibility to retain your current national passport
  • Eligibility to startup your own business in Malaysia
  • Eligibility to bring in dependents into Malaysia
  • Eligibility to purchase properties and real estate
  • Eligibility to own a valid Malaysia Work Visa

All of the above benefits come with the issuance of the Malaysia retirement visa. Call Permits and Visas Immigration Specialists for Malaysia today and know your eligibility.

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Permits and Visas helped me gain permanent residency of Malaysia and were amazing from beginning to finish. Every person that worked on my case was incredibly helpful and there were never any problems throughout the whole process. Thanks
Rucha Tripathi India

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