Malaysia Retirement Visa

Malaysia is a unique blend of Asian cultures and the diverse cultures of the expatriates that have migrated into the country. Being one of the countries that encourage expatriates to come in, permits and visas are granted to everyone who wants to come in to explore the beauty and culture of Malaysia

Among other Malaysia visas, the Malaysia Retirement visa is specially designed for citizens of foreign nationals who intend to settle down and spend the rest of their life in Malaysia, after retirement. Everyone who is a foreign national qualifies for this visa and can take advantage of the benefits such as:

  • Eligibility for the Malaysia work visa which allows you to live and work in Malaysia
  • Eligibility to bring in dependents
  • Eligibility to travel in and out of Malaysia at will
  • Eligibility for a permanent residence permit, eventually

The Malaysia visa application process involves submitting documents that show that:

  • You are a citizen of a foreign country
  • That you have a pension or monthly foreign income that adds up to MYR10, 000 or $2800 monthly and assets that are up to $140,000. You will be required to present a bank statement dated back 6 months.
  • A statement of interest in living temporarily or permanently in Malaysia.

As soon as your documents are confirmed and found to be without errors, your visa will be approved. Anyone can submit a Malaysia Visa application to the Malaysia consulate in their country but chances of visa approval are increased when a professional helps to file such applications.

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