Looking for Jobs in Canada from Dubai

Looking for Jobs in Canada from Dubai

Looking for jobs in Canada and don’t even know where to start from with the application. If this is you, then you should know that migrating across the world is one of the most exciting things anyone could do. However, this is a venture that requires adequate preparation in order to be successful in the applications submitted. Applying for Canada job vacancies may be time consuming, just like a full time job, but that is the effort required to make such a life-altering move.

Now there are many visa services  who will be more than happy to assist you with your application, but there is nothing wrong with giving it a shot all by yourself. Below are some of the top solutions to the questions you may have when applying for the job opportunities in Canada.

  1. Online is the Way Forward

Applying online is one way you can’t ignore. Not knowing how to do this is already a problem. There are hundreds of people applying for the same job as you are and this requires that you be smarter than the rest. Canadian resume style focuses on the volunteer experience you might have. This means you should be able to write a short and sweet description of your experience. As long as your resume is tailored to Canadian standards, you can use the resources on any of these sites: Monster, Indeed, Workopolis.

One good thing about these sites is that you will see who is recruiting and who knows, you might just spot your dream company and they may just be looking for someone with your skills. All you now need to do is get the right info about the company and apply directly online.

  1. Start Networking

As it is in most cases, it is unfortunate though, things work better when a candidate knows someone who is already in Canada or in the industry. For instance, we know social networks like LinkedIn which helped people network and get to share experience as well as showcase their skills. You can get on such networks because you never know who might be watching. Make sure you make it clear to people that you are looking for job opportunities.

  1. Get Hold of Recruitment Agencies

There are some smart people who know exactly what Canadian employers are looking for in an employee. There are also agencies that specialize in different industries who may be able to suggest companies where you could apply. Get hold of such by doing your research.

  1. Look into the Job Bank of Canada

The Job Bank of Canada is an official website that offers everything you might ever need when looking for a job in Canada. Besides this portal having an up-to-date listing of every job sector, you will also find valuable information on different programs and services as well as general advice which could be useful in the Canadian job market.


Finding a job can be stressful but with the right resources, you are a step ahead. Do you need a job in Canada for Filipino? Are you from Pakistan and you need job in Canada for Pakistani? Permits and Visas can be of immense help to you in securing high paying and excellent jobs in Canada. You can contact us easily by filling up the free visa assessment form and one of our agents will get back to you.