LIST OF Available Occupations for Canada

List of Occupations for Canada

Planning to migrate to Canada. Work and live in Canada with your family with the help of Permits and Visas in Dubai. Below is the list of occupations available for Canada Migration:

  • Management related occupations
  • Business and finance occupations
  • Natural and Science related occupations 
  • Health related occupations
  • education, community and government services occupations
  • Law and Social related occupations
  • art, culture, and sport occupations
  • Sales and service related occupations
  • Trades, transport and operators and related occupations
  • Agriculture and related production occupations
  • Manufacturing and utilities related occupations

Foreign Skilled Workers can apply for a Permanent Residency as they have the skills needed by Canada’s economy. Foreign migrants need to gave the education required and the experience for them to be able to find a job and live in Canada and support themselves in the country. Your application will be based on your education and related work experiences.

It is overall not difficult to apply for migration for Canada as a Foreign Skilled Worker. You just have to qualify and make sure your have yourself assessed first by professionals before applying.


Permits and Visas helps you know if you are qualified or eligible to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa for Canada. We have a team of experts who will assist you and assess your qualification professionally for a Canadian Visa. We will also help you decide which of the available Canadian Visas is right for you. Call us today.