Are You Eligible To Work in Canada

Know your Eligibility To Work in Canada

Are you planning to work and live in Canada? Know your eligibility to work in Canada. Permits and Visas is one of the immigration expert companies in UAE and has helped hundreds of visa applicants worldwide. To help you know your eligibility for a Work Permit or Canada Temporary Work Permit, see below details and processes:


Whether you are applying outside or inside Canada for a work permit visa, you must successfully accomplish the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant must be able to prove to a Canadian officer that you will leave when your Canadian work permit expires
  • You must be able to show Canadian officers that you have enough financial support for yourself and your family in Canada during your whole stay as well as money to return home.
  • You must obey all the law and you must not have a criminal record (you may provide officers a Police Clearance Certificate for this)
  • You must not be a threat or danger to the security of Canada
  • You must be having a good health condition and have a medical exam certificate as a proof (if needed)
  • You must not plan to work for an ineligible Canadian employers
  • You must not plan to work as a striptease, erotic dancer or any erotic services and massages employer
  • You must not have worked in Canada 1 or more times (total of 4 years) after April 2011 (with exceptions)
  • You must give Canadian officer the documents they require to prove that you can enter Canada


Any applicant can apply for a Canadian Work Permit before arriving in Canada. This is if you are required to obtain a work permit visa or if you need a medical certificate before coming to Canada.

To apply for a Canada Work Permit from outside the country, you may contact one of our Immigration Experts to help you with the full requirements and processes on how to acquire a Canadian Work Visa. They will guide you with the things you need to know before applying, documents required to gather, help you complete your application, how to pay fees and how much the fees are and submitting applications.


You can apply for a Canadian Work Permit Visa while in Canada if:

  • You are currently studying, have a valid work permit or has a sponsor (parent or spouse) having study or work permit
  • If you have graduated from a program from a Canadian University, Canadian community college, CEGEP, any publicly funded school or other eligible schools in Canada
  • If you are a holder of a resident permit visa which is valid for minimum 6 months, or
  • If you have applied for a permanent residence visa while inside Canada

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