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The kingdom Denmark is located inside Northern Europe, a peninsula of Germany, neighboring within the west the North Sea, into the north Skagerrak and within the east the aroma along with Baltic Sea. Subsequently, to the two huge islands Sjaelland moreover entertaining in attendance are approximately 500 tiny islands of which supplementary than a hundred are populated. Positioned in the consideration of the Gulf tributary in the North Atlantic, the Faroe desert island stretch out northwest of Scotland along with intermediate linking Iceland and Norway. From the time while 1948, the Faroe islands enclose been an identity prevailing province of the territory of Denmark. It has 48000 residents. Greenland is the biggest desert island of humanity by means of an exterior of 2175000 square km, of which 340000 square km free of hoarfrost. The privileged position of Greenland is 3700 meters.


In for the most component belongings, overseas nationals should to encompass an abode and employment consent earlier than they are able to commence functioning. In convinced personal belongings, conversely, overseas nationals are able to execute job-related tricks whereas in Denmark scheduled a Danish Work Visa, exclusive of investment a habitation and Denmark Work Permit.

Stipulation your settle is earlier than 3 months, we are acceptable to execute convinced types of job-related movement still if we execute not enclose a habitation and Denmark work permit. Such behavior consists of training or presence a classes or participating into meetings, discussions, briefings and assistance.

You require a habitation and employment sanction if the position of our appointment is to construct an invention, transform a creation or supply to the productivity of a corporation within any approach.

Nationals of further countries execute require a Danish work permit prior to they preserve acquire up employment. Denmark Work permits in Denmark are supposed to be functionally intended for generally 3 months earlier than incoming in Denmark.

We carry out not require an employment consent to capture on service in Denmark if we grasp a habitation consent throughout family unit reunification, place of safety or on a charitable foundation.

Danish Work Permit is exclusively our accountability. Working unlawfully in Denmark possibly will go ahead to banishment as well as whichever our self or our company facing a superior or a penitentiary verdict. These conventions also are appropriate for unpaid and voluntary employment.

It is probable to be approved a habitation permit for the intention of in search of employment and functioning in Denmark. A habitation and Denmark work permit under the Green card scheme is issued on the source of a personality assessment based on a point structure.

In organize to be decided a residence permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme, we have to acquire a bare minimum of 100 points. Points are specified for: educational rank, verbal communication skills and flexibility.

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