Know How to Get A Canadian Visa

If you are planning to Migrate to Canada, chances are, you will be needing to have a Canadian Visa or a Travel Authorization for any travel reason. Once you submit your application, you will need to wait if it will be approved or not.


You have to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest. Applicants must complete an online EOI profile or Expression of Interest profile. This will store details about yourself such as your skills, work experiences, education, your age, your language proficiency and others. Once you qualify under a Canadian Immigration program, you will be accepted to be in the pool of candidates. This will help employers in Canada to choose an eligible candidate.


If you scored high or your rank is high, you will be invited to apply for a Residence Visa for Canada. You will be ranked against other candidates in the Entry Pool. You can be granted points based on your job offer from a Canadian employer, a nomination from a province or state, your skills and experience factors. You maybe given additional points if you have job offer supported by the LMIA or the Labour Market Impact Assessment of Canada or if you are nominated by a territory or a state.

The additional points will give you additional points which will be helpful to be invited for application. If you are invited, you have 60 days to submit an online Canadian Permanent Residence application. The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration will process your application and it will take at least 6 months to be processed up to 12 months depending on your qualifications.

Some helpful references from the Government Website below:


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