Occupation Quota for Australia

July Occupation Quota for Australia

Australia revealed its Occupation Quota on July 1 2016. If you are interested in applying for Australian Visa, you will now be allowed to apply for all the capped occupation. You can check on the Skilled Occupation List of Australia if your occupation is listed.

Occupations which were capped recently were Software Programmers, Application Programmers, Information Communication Technology Business Analytsts and System Analysts.

If you are wishing to apply for the above occupations, you can now apply with the new Quota.

Australia issues list of skilled occupations in Demand in the country every year. Those who are listed in the occupation list will be eligible to apply under the skilled migration programmes. Australia however, issues limit on the number of invitation can be granted for a certain category. This is to make sure that the immigration programmes of Australia are not dominated by some occupations.

These occupation ceiling or quota is not applicable for immigration programmes such as Employer Sponsored, State Nominated, Territory Nominated, Business and Investment visa programmes.


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