Job Opportunities in Canada

Canada is home of job opportunities in the world. It offers a wide range of opportunities for international migrants from different industry and sector. Toronto is one of Canada’s places where job opportunities are pouring. It is known as a popular destination for foreign immigrants and professionals who would like to pursue a career in Canada.

Below are some of the sectors or industries which offer a number of job opportunities:


Toronto is one of the most populated places in Canada and this results to the growth of the medical sector jobs as it is part of the demands in the area. Medical sector ranks top 10 globally with its largest biomedical sector and this is why Toronto is the perfect place for medical related professional jobs. There are a large number of employment with companies over 1,600 are hiring and this is expected to be increased in the coming years. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technologists and other medical specialists are in demand in Canada.


Toronto is Canada’s largest financial industry sector and is the fastest increasing in North America as it provides a large number of job opportunities for foreign immigrants and residents. Toronto has employed more than 200 thousand professionals in its financial district and it will be doubled in the coming years. Some of Canada’s largest banks are also in Toronto. Financial Analysts, Bank Staff and other financial related jobs are now in demand in Canada.


When it comes to technology, Canada’s Toronto City is generating over 5 billion US dollars and more than 600 US dollars investments in software. Toronto has the largest number of technology companies in Canada which created more than 160 thousand technology professionals in the past years. Companies such as Apple, IBM, Motorola, Toshiba are some of the big technology companies that are having headquarters in Toronto. Google as well is in the list of joining the list of top tech companies to have headquarters in Toronto. If you are an IT professional, Software developer and Analyst or if you are having technology related profession, Toronto is the ideal workplace for you.


Toronto is one of Canada’s biggest manufacturing sectors and it has employed more than 9% of Toronto’s workforce. Canada aims to advance its manufacturing into something technology world class. It is the home of more than 300 companies which are some of the top manufacturing realms in technology development.


Given that Canada is one of the top destinations for hospitality and tourism, Toronto is also making its way to one of the countries top industries. Toronto has a progressive economy which means thousands of business individuals are working and living in the city daily. People like these stay in hotels and dine in a number of restaurants all around the city. It is the best place to tour as it offers a wide range of activities, attractions and good restaurants. Tourism and hospitality is always in demand in Canada. If you have work experience in tourism and hospitality, Canada is the perfect place to pursue your career.

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