job industry in vancouver canada

Job Industry in Vancouver Canada

There are many skills that are needed in Vancouver Canada and Canada is looking to fill the skilled workforce. The main industries are Agriculture, Business, Film Industry, and Tourism. See below for industry details:


Vancouver Canada is the home of most of the largest and progressive businesses in Canada and has the largest port as well. The port manages more than $200 million of cargos in everyday basis and this fact alone can provide thousands of jobs for local and international migrants.

Vancouver has many mining companies that serves many international businesses and markets. Most are in Surrey, Richmond and Delta. The forestry industry is vast with more than 60% of the British Columbia were covered in forest. This can fill jobs up to more than 100 thousand in the province.

If you are planning to find a job in Canada, see the links below for some of the vacancies:

– AG
– Vancouver Urban Farming Society
– Indeed
– Eluta

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Vancouver is the metropolis of the local and international businesses in Canada. It employs a number of individuals in different industries. It is the home of some of the largest brands in the world which are placed inside some of the high rise buildings and towers of Vancouver. Some of these are Ericsson, Microsoft, HSBC and many more.

The city has already developed a top of the edge technology in terms of alternative fuels, software development and many more.

If you are looking to work in this industry, see links below for some of the vacancies:

– Monster
– Indeed
– Workopolis

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Canada is the home for Hollywood North. Vancouver is one of the top locations for the film industry making TV production and Filmmaking is one of the top industries in Vancouver Canada. There are a number of movies which are filmed and shot in Vancouver as the very famous Twilight Saga. The opportunities for filmmakers, production designers, directors, cinematographers, make up artists and other production-related jobs are very much in demand.

Most of the positions on demand are production designers, directors, camera operators, cinematographers, gaffers, boys, gophers as well as carpenters, electricians, editors, writers, voice overs, special effects and more.

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There are a number of tourist attractions in Vancouver Canada and tourism industry continues to bloom. There are many beautiful sceneries and outdoor activities which can be done in Vancouver that will surely suit the lifestyle of many individuals. This alone makes a need for more people in the hospitality industry.

If you have an experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, Vancouver is waiting for you. One of the top tourist spots in Vancouver is Whistler. It is considered as the vacation town of Vancouver as it is composed of the Coast Mountains and is near the city center. There are a number of ski resorts located in Whistler which offers a number of activities for local and international visitors. Many are considering to find a job in Whistlers, students and professionals, as it is the home of several good hotels, restaurants and resorts. Many of them are working on a Working Holiday Visa. Travel, explore and work in Vancouver Canada.

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