IT Professionals High Demand for Immigration to Canada

IT Professionals High Demand for Immigration to Canada

Are you seeking job opportunities in Canada? June marks the launch of the new Canadian Government’s improved innovation strategy which is designed to help expedite immigration processes for skilled workers from other countries who wish to join fast-growing tech firms.

Although specific details have not been announced but it has been made clear that waiting times will be reduced significantly for foreigners. Usually, candidates have to wait for up to 6 months or more for their application to be processed but because of the fast paced environment in which tech firms operate, time is definitely of the essence and as such, much time cannot be wasted. Many tech employers have accused the government of delaying growth in the economic and professional sphere by delaying recruitment processes for foreign workers with specific skills that are needed in Canada. As long as these job vacancies in Canada cannot be filled by citizens, there is need to bring foreigners and such processes should be expedited.

John McCallum who is the current minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, in Canada has come to terms with these claims and agreed that the tech industry will need a smaller time bracket even though most of the applications from last year only took 6 months. He also stated that doors will be opened for the best and brightest minds and that he is trying to accommodate the needs of the tech firms as much as he can.

One of the major causes of delay was identifies as the Federal Government  Express Entry Immigration Selection System requirements which requires that all Canadian employers prove that they are truly unable to find a perfect fit for the job description within Canada which is why they are bringing in an expatriate. This system was put in place to discourage employers from bringing cheap labour from outside and as such boycotting or depriving qualified Canadians.


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