Immigration Through Australia SkillSelect from Dubai

Immigration Through Australia SkillSelect

If you are planning immigration to Australia from Dubai as a skilled migrant, one of the immigration system you should familiarize yourself with is SkillSelect.

SkillSelect, if you don’t already know, is an online service that is essentially created for the purpose of managing Australia’s Skilled Migration Programme. In essence, everyone that is visa application for Australia via the Skilled Migration Programme will have to go through the SkillSelect platform. This helps to make sure that the Skilled Migration Programme is based on Australia’s current economic needs. It also helps to support the government in managing and administering who can apply, when they can apply and how many can apply. This way, the visa application processing times can be reduced significantly, whilst ensuring only the best migrants get their applications approved.

The Australia Immigration SkillSelect is also targeted at helping to reduce regional skill shortages. This it does by allowing intending migrants to indicate whether they are willing to live and work in a regional part of Australia. The bulk of the benefit of this is to employers who are in the regional parts of Australia and are suffering skills shortages; even as it also helps the territory governments to move and settle migrants in regional Australia.

How Does SkillSelect Work?

Skilled migrants are required to submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. The EOI is an indication that you are willing to be considered for an Australian visa. In itself, the EOI is not a visa application. A range of information will be required to submit an acceptable EOI and this depends on the visa you are willing to be considered for. The information will include:

  • Basic personal info
  • Nominated occupation
  • Work experience
  • Educational background info
  • English language skill level
  • Skill assessment, which must be related to the nominated occupation
  • Investment and business experience

Successful people will be given an Invitation to Apply and if after meeting all Australian visa requirements and Australia PR requirements, they are found qualified, they will be given Permanent Residency in Australia.


Do you want to migrate to Australia from Dubai and you don’t know whether you are eligible? Do you have more questions about the Australia SkillSelect? For more information about the SkillSelect platform, you can consult with us at Permits and Visas. You can also fill up our free visa assessment form to check how eligible you are for the Australia Skilled Migration Program.