Get a Danish Green Card from Dubai

Immigrate to Denmark with A Danish Green Card


Planning to migrate to Denmark? Work and live in Denmark, one of the most developed and large economies among the European Union countries. Before you can work and live in the country, you have to obtain a visa first and for that, you can get the Green Card Scheme Visa. Danish Green Card Scheme is a points based system where in foreign migrants can apply. There are a number of immigration options for Denmark. Work and live in the happiest country in the globe!

Denmark is one of the strongest economies in Europe and is very much stable. The country is one of the members of the European Union and this added to its advantages it offers. If you are planning to migrate to this country, it is quite easy to have a deep knowledge of the Danish Immigration rules and regulations. Danish migration process has 2 steps.

  1. If you are a Qualified residence in Denmark for 5 years
  2. If you are a Permanent residence and into citizenship Denmark through naturalization

For the qualified residence, there are a number of passages one can obtain to be able to reside in the country for the stipulated time period.

  • You can study and then work after
  • You can be married
  • You can obtain a Danish Green Card

Danish Green Card is the most popular foreign migrants use for immigration to be able to stay in the country for 5 years as stipulated in the Qualified Residence.

Features of a Danish Green Card

  1. It will act as your residence – work permit
  2. It can be acquired by individuals who are wishing to have a job in Denmark and planning in settling down in the country with that job
  3. This is issued after being assessed in the points based system of assessment which requires applicants to score at least 100
  4. This doesnt permit a foreign migrant to build and run his own business


For a more details about the Denmark Green Card Scheme, call Permits and Visas and talk to one of our Immigration Consultants for Denmark. Ask for an initial assessment and know if you are qualified to apply for a Denmark Visa. Call us at +971 4 553 8913.