Immigrants Wanted All Through Out Canada

Immigrants Wanted All Through Out Canada

Canadian Immigration is hoping to bring more new skilled immigrants to Canada. There are a large number of gap in the labour market that needs to be filled as well as aging population in every region of the country. Canada wants to spread immigrants evenly all through out the country and wants immigrants to move to Vancouver and Toronto in particular.

If you are wanting to move to Canada, Permits and Visas has a list of the open Immigration programs for skilled workers from all over the world for application. You can talk to one of our Immigration Consultants and we will give you a comprehensive and in depth assessment based on your qualification and the immigration criteria in a particular immigration program.

Industries in demand in Canada

  • Information and technology
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Health Care


Permits and Visas has a number of Canadian Immigration and Visa experts who can assist and help you with your migration to Canada. From evaluating your qualification, choosing the right immigration program suited for you, to application process from beginning to end. If you want to know if you are eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Migrant Visa, Quebec, or Provincial Nominee Program of Canada, talk to our visa experts today.