How to Qualify for Australia 189 Independent Skilled Visa

How to Qualify for Australia 189 Independent Skilled Visa

Are you skilled and your occupation is in demand in the Australian market? You can apply for Australian Skilled Independent Visa today. The 189 Independent Visa is a Permanent Residence Visa which made for the qualified individuals who are planning to move to Australia to work and settle.

The Australian Visa applicants are not required to have an Australian sponsor but the applicant must be able to show the immigration officers that you are included in the Skilled Occupation List of the country and that you are qualified for that occupation.

Aside from this, the visa applicant must pass the assessment point required for the Skilled Independent Visa which is 60 points minimum.

Some of the other requirements needed are your Age, English ability and many other factors such as below. The visa applicant must be under the age of 50 years old to be able to apply for this visa. This will add points and determine your eligibility points.

  1. Age
  2. English Capability
  3. Skilled employment
  4. Overseas employment
  5. Education 


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