How to Migrate to Canada

How To Migrate to Canada from UAE

More and more individuals and families have successfully migrated to Canada and started a better life in the country. Canada is one of the most admired country for migration especially those who are wanting to have a better and new life abroad. Process can sometimes be quite long and a little difficult and there really is no guarantee for its success. This information will help you and guide you through the process of Canada Immigration process.

There are actually 2 general categories in the Canadian Immigration process:

  1. Permanent Residence
  2. Temporary Residence

In the Permanent Residence Category, it includes the programs such as Skilled Workers, Family Class, Investor Class and Refugees. While under the Temporary Residence, it includes foreign students, foreign workers who are allowed to work in the country temporarily and visitors.


There are actually 2 ways an applicant can apply for a Visa.

  1. Through Immigration Consultants – There are a bunch or paperwork and documents to be gathered and processed during the application and you might feel overwhelmed by them. Applying through a representative is your best option to make it easier and hassle free. You just have to make sure that your hired agency or immigration consultancy is reliable and trustworthy. Permits and Visas is one of the Immigration Experts in Canada Immigration from UAE.
  2. You can manage your application on your own. You will then deal directly with the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada. You can visit their website for the Canadian Visa information about application and requirements.


Permits and Visas is your most reliable Immigration Consultancy in Dubai. We have a team of Immigration Experts for Canada who can help you obtain your dream Canada Visa. Whether it be for Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa. Call us today and let us know if you qualify for the application.