Migrate to Canada From Dubai

How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai UAE

More and more individuals and families are migrating from UAE or Dubai particularly to Canada. It is an exciting stage of life as Canada offers a number of opportunities to its new residents but at the same time, it will also be challenging.

If you consider to Migrate to Canada from Dubai, you have a number of options you can choose from when it comes to permanent residency. There are programs made for foreign migrants and you just have to choose which one suits you best.


1. Migrate as a Skilled Worker
2. Migrate as a Business Class Immigrant
3. Migrate visa Provincial Nomination
4. Migrate under Family Class
5. Migrate under International Adoption
6. Migrate under Quebec Immigration
6. Migrate as a Canadian Experience Class

AS SKILLED WORKER – If you are a professional and  have skills and related experiences, Canada wants you. You can check if your skills will qualify for migration in Canada as a Skilled Worker. Know the options for this program with the help of our Immigration Consultants.

BUSINESS CLASS – Canada is one of the top economies in the world. If you have experience in managing and investing in any type of business and you think you qualify the requirements and wants to come to Canada, this is the right visa for you.

PROVINCIAL NOMINATION – Canada has provinces and territories which also encourage foreign skilled migrants. They are attracting skilled workers to settle and work in their province and contribute to their growing economy.

FAMILY CLASS – If you have a family member in Canada, you can be sponsored under the Family Class Program. Know how to sponsor your family member today by calling Permits and Visas in Dubai.

INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION – Adoption is a long process especially if its done internationally. Learn about the how to bring an adopted child or children in Canada.

QUEBEC SELECTED IMMIGRATION – Quebec is looking for skilled and highly skilled foreign workers who wants to settle and live in Quebec. To find out how you can apply under this program, fill out the Free Assessment Form and one of our consultants will contact you.

CANADIAN EXPERIENCE CLASS – If you have stayed in Canada or worked in Canada, you can be eligible to apply under this category. Call us for more Canadian Visa information.

SOURCE: http://www.cic.gc.ca/