How to Get UK Visa From Dubai

Planning to work and live in the UK? You have to know how to get UK visa from Dubai. Applying for UK visa will be easier with the help of the immigration consultants and lawyers who will guide you with the rules and regulations of the application process. A record has been released that 18% of the application are being refused as requirements are not being properly reached.

Benefits in living and working in the UK


Living in the UK will give you an experience in the diverse UK culture that is mixed foreign communities from most parts of the globe. British are mostly respectable and has a high tolerance with different opinions and beliefs. People are usually free to express themselves in terms of clothes and opinions. Curiosity is high in UK that individual creativity and ideas are highly encouraged. UK life is peaceful.


UK is a relatively safe country to live and work in and there are a very minimum risk in experiencing earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters.


People who are under a student visa are free to work part-time. Cost of living in the United Kingdom is pretty high that is why most of the student are working part-time even during the holiday so that they can stay longer. There are many job opportunities awaiting for locals and foreigners in the UK and there is a low unemployment rate in some part of the country. Mostly needed are nurses and teachers.


UK is known for its British Educational System that is known and applied worldwide. There is a wide variety of courses and subjects that are open to international students.

Types of UK Visa you can apply:

  1. Marriage
  2. Tourist
  3. Academic
  4. Citizenship
  5. Corporate

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UK Visa Requirements

There are a number of UK visa types you can apply for. You must obtain a visa first if you are planning to visit the UK and that you must meet all the requirements and criteria needed for an application.

Criteria is based on the following:

  1. Age
  2. Assets
  3. Relations in UK
  4. Income
  5. English Proficiency
  6. Lodging or Accommodation
  7. Maintenance Level

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