Canadian Visa From Dubai

How to Get Canadian Work Permit from Dubai

There are two (2) types of Canadian Work Permit that you can apply for from Dubai.

Work Permit Visa

Benefits of having a Canadian Work Permit Visa

  1. You will be granted a two (2) year work permit and you can extend it up to two (2) years further
  2. This will help you later on in obtaining a Permanent Residency
  3. Your family can work and live in Canada

Working Holiday Visa

Benefits of having a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

  1. You can work in Canada while on holiday
  2. You can work and live in Canada for up to four (4) years
  3. You can extend your stay in Canada
  4. You can later on apply for a Permanent Residency Program

How to get a Canadian Work Permit from Dubai?

UAE Residents can be eligible to apply for more than sixty (60) Immigration Programs for Canada.

General Immigration:

This type of immigration is considered as an express entry. This is for professional workers. You can apply for a Quebec  Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Federal Self-employed, and Canadian Express Class.

Business Immigration:

This is mainly for people who have managerial experience and business owners with high net worth. Individuals who are qualified in this type of immigration can apply for Federal and Quebec Investor or Entrepreneur Programs.

Family Sponsorship:

The Family Sponsorship is for Spouses, Law Partner, Children and Dependents. Family members can apply for Federal Family Class for Spouse, Children or Dependent.

Parental Sponsorship:

Lastly is the Parental Sponsorship which is for Parents and Grandparents.

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