How to Get Canada Work Permit From UAE

UAE residents can acquire a Canadian Work Permit Visa by getting a job offer from a company in Canada. Canada has been ranked as one of the best country to live in the world. Aside from the fact that Canada is a safe and secured country, it is one of the most protected countries globally. Education is one of the best reasons to live in Canada as its government funded education caters kindergarten to secondary school. Considered as one of the most wealthy country in the world therefore opportunities for jobs for skilled and qualified immigrants are highly required today and in the coming future.


What are the benefits of having a Canadian Work Permit Visa?

  1. You can work and live in anywhere in Canada with your family
  2. Live up to 3 years in Canada
  3. Your family members can also work full time and study in Canada
  4. You may apply for permanent residence during your 3 years stay in Canada and later on acquire a citizenship for you and your family.

What are the requirements needed?

  1. Get a job offer from any company in Canada.
  2. Employers must provide a Labour Market Opinion which is issued by the Human Resources Department of Canada or HRDC.
  3. Pass the IELTS examination or the International English Language Testing System. Scores varies in different cases and we will help you through the details as required.

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