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How to Get an Australian Skilled Migrant Visa

If you dream of migrating to Australia or wish to stay to stay there for the rest of your life, there are several different types of Visas you can apply for.

  • Generally, the following basic requirements need to be fulfilled for a successful Australian Work Visa:
  • The General Skilled Migration Program offered by Australian Government offers a plethora of options for people wanting an Australian Skilled Immigration visa.
  • Applying for the right kind of Visa is a necessary step for hosting a successful Australia PR application. Australian Skilled Immigration visa is a very important step for you if you’re planning to move to Australia.
  1. The candidate should be within 50 years of age while applying.
  2. The candidate must possess strong English skills which basically means good scores in exams like IELTS.
  3. Evidence of skilled employment needs to be present. Verification of competence for the Australian Skill Immigration visa is done by the Migration Officers.
  4. For an Australian work visa, the candidate should hold a skill that is included in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  5. At least 65 points need to be scored in the PR application.
  • There are basically two classes under which the Australian Work Visa can be applied for: The Independent Class & Sponsored Class.
  • The candidates can apply for Skilled Independent Migrant Visa which falls under subclass 175. This Australian Visa is for individuals who possess skills and qualifications that are of high demand in the nation. These individuals don’t need to be sponsored but must have very highpoints. This is an independent class visa.
  • The candidates with Independent Australian work visa can live as an Australian PR indefinitely. This allows the candidates to live in the country forever and use the social security gateways & healthcare benefits.
  • The second class, which is the Skilled Sponsored Migrant visa, falls under Subclass 176. This is basically used by people who have their dear ones living in the country. Compared to the skilled independent Visa holders, these candidates are not required to score high test points.
  • People migrating to Australia with skilled sponsored visa can also live in the country as permanent residents forever.
  • or a successful Australian work visa process, it is important to be well informative about the terms and conditions. It is mandatory for the occupation to be clearly listed in the skilled occupation list.

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