How To Get an Australian Permanent Residency Visa

How To Get an Australian Permanent Residency Visa

Australia is well known to be one-stop shop destination for migrants who wish to migrate, work and live in Australia for a lifetime. The Australian government has made available several Permanent Residency visa streams for foreigners which makes it easier for them to migrate and obtain PR status.

Major PR Categories for Australia

Skill Independent Visa: This visa type gives the opportunity to skilled professionals to move to Australia to work using their qualification and skills that are needed in the Australian job market. This visa type is known as visa subclass 189 and it is issued to professionals who do not really need any kind of sponsorship to migrate to Australia.

Skilled Sponsored Visa: This is referred to as visa subclass 190 and it is issued to skilled professionals which allow them to work with Australian employers. The applicants are expected to meet all visa requirements and show their experience and interest in any of the skilled occupations that is listed under the SOL.

Employer nomination Scheme: This is also one of the PR visa categories which allows temporary workers in Australia to obtain permanent residency. Using this stream, the applicant has two options to receive a visa and they include:

  • Visa nomination by an employer
  • Visa application

Parent Visa: Under this category, the parents of an Australian Permanent resident or citizen will be allowed to migrate and settle in Australia.


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