Get A Danish Visa and Live in Denmark

How to Get A Danish Visa and Live in Denmark

Living and working in Denmark is getting more popular to foreign skilled workers from all over the world. The Denmark Government has developed several migration programs to welcome foreign skilled professionals in the country. There are Danish rules and regulations that have been carried out carefully in accordance in the European Union.

Once you have entered Denmark, it will offer you the freedom to travel the rest of the European Union countries. Once you have become a Permanent Resident Visa holder of Denmark, you are entitled to get a residency in Denmark and have rights to enter and travel the rest of the European nations.


Permits and Visas has a Denmark Immigration Consultants who are experts in Danish Immigration rules and regulations. Our well experienced Immigration Agents will guide you in obtaining a Danish Green Card Visa for residency. Having a Denmark Green Card will allow an individual to work and live in Denmark on a permanent residency visa but cannot work as a self employed individual. This visa is granted based on evaluation and this evaluation is a points based system. Some of the factors for Green Card Scheme Visa are below:

  • The applicant is responsible in getting an employment
  • For practicing some professions, applicant must be authorized first by the Government
  • The applicant must be able to show that he has enough funds to survive in the country
  • There must be health and medical examination report for Permanent Residency in Denmark
  • There is a points based system for interested individuals when applying for Denmark Green Card for the first time
  • The applicant must score at least 100 points to be eligible for Denmark visa

Fill out the Free Visa Assessment Online Form below and get assessed for Free by one of our Danish Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Call us directly at our Dubai office at +971 4 553 8913 to know your possible score in getting a Danish Visa.