How to Become A Canadian Citizen

How to Become A Canadian Citizen

For an individual to be eligible for a Canadian Citizenship, he must meet the following basic conditions:

  • Your age,
  • Your PR or Permanent Resident Status
  • The time you have lived in the country
  • Your income tax filing
  • Your Intent to reside in the country
  • Your language skills
  • Your knowledge about Canada
  • The country’s prohibitions

If applicant has served the Canadian Armed Forces, you can be qualified for a Fast Track Process for Citizenship. This is based on how long you have served Canada. The foreign military officials and members do not need any Permanent Resident Visa for Canada.


Permits and Visas Team of Canadian Immigration Consultants will explain to you the details on hoe to become a Canadian Citizen. From requirements to processes and fees. Canada is one of the great countries for migration as it is offers a number of opportunities and programs for nationalities from all over the world to work and live in the country. We have Canadian Immigration Agents who are specialists in Canada Immigration. These agents are well knowledgeable and up to date to the latest news, rules and regulations from the Canadian Immigration.


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