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Hong Kong is one of the leading commerce and financial center in the world today with the basic source of attraction being low taxation and free trade. Investors consider Hong Kong as a hotspot for business and this has immensely helped the economy which is basically entrenched in manufacturing, IT, banking, insurance, shipping and exports.

The Hong Kong government, just like every other country, appreciates the input of foreigners in the growth of their economy and as such, gives visas to those who are skilled. Are you skilled? If you are, then you can obtain the Hong Kong Skilled Migrant Visa.

Hong Kong visas are not just handed out to everyone who submits Hong Kong visas application; there are specific Hong Kong Visa requirements which must be met by the foreigner once of which is, you must be skilled in some area. Based on your work experience, your proficiency in reading and writing Cantonese which is the official Hong Kong Language and your age, points will be calculated. The higher the points, the faster it the migration process will be for you.

Usually, after you have submitted a Migrant visa application and all documents collected and collated, your profile will remain in the application pool for half a year. If you get selected in the pool, then you are free to proceed to migrate.

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