Canada offers many opportunities to the international Skilled workers, there are some steps and procedures that they should follow to make themselves eligible to immigrate to live and work in Canada. All Canadian provinces have their own requirements and regulations, including professional designations. There is a number of jobs that are paying highest salary to employees. Some of the Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada as follows:

1. Mobile Applications Developer
The growing mobile market means that the demand for professionals who can develop smartphone and tablet apps will continue to grow. Applicants will need a tertiary qualification, preferably a university degree, in computer science.
2. Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining that image of the company or through advertising, PR, social media and other forms of corporate communication.
3. Corporate Trainer
Corporate training is the best option for qualified educators. Applicant has an undergraduate degree as well as a postgraduate qualification in educational technology to apply for this job.
4. Translator
Canada is bilingual, it makes sense for companies to provide their services in English and French. Applicant must be fluent in both languages and have CTTIC certification.
5. Nurse
There is a high demand for registered nurses in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. Applicant must have a nursing qualification, preferably a degree, as well as licensing with the Canadian Nurses Association.
6. Physiotherapist
To apply for the post of physiotherapist applicant should have a degree in physiotherapy as well as membership of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Physiotherapy as one of the top fields where you can get hired without work experience.
7. Business Analyst
There is very high demand for the business analysts and business systems analysts. You must have a business degree in project management, you can get hired without work experience.
8. Accountant
Work experience isn’t as important as having a university degree in accounting and a license with the relevant provincial institute for accountants.

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