Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program

Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program

In the Modern era of investment immigration world, “Golden Visa” has become similar to “residency by investment”. The first Golden Visa program was launched in Portugal on October 8, 2012.

What is golden Visa?

The “Golden Visa” is a residence permit that allows the holder the right to live in the country and work towards citizenship. Now a day’s it becomes a trendy way to get residences by the investment programs where an applicant makes an investment in that country and receives preferential treatment during the immigration process in exchange for that investment.
German residence act allows the international investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed applicants to acquire a German residence permit.

The following applicants are eligible to apply:

• Foreign entrepreneurs, who aim to start-up a business in Germany
• Foreign entrepreneurs who aim to set up an overseas branch
• Freelancers

In order to get a German residence permit as a self-employed person have to prove or show that business will show positive effects on the German economy.

Golden Residence Permit Program

It is a five-year residence-by-investment program for non-EU nationals. The residence permit allows freedom to move any in the Schengen area and only requires an average of seven days per year stay in the country over this time period, after staying for 6 years in the country he will become eligible to apply for citizenship.

Permanent Residency

Golden visa program offers a path to permanent settlement in Germany after five years of uninterrupted living in the country. As the applicant has invested in the country, so he will get the opportunity to work and live there on a permanent basis.
The applicant can apply for German citizenship after living eight years in Germany. Complete knowledge of German is required for applying for the Citizenship.

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