Get Canada Permanent Residency Under Skilled Category

Get Canada Permanent Residency Under Skilled Category

Canada is badly in need of skilled foreign professionals and workers. If you are skilled and wouldn’t mind migration to Canada from Dubai, this could be your opportunity. You are welcome to contact us at Sync Visas, your preferred licensed Canada immigration agents in Dubai, to guide you on the steps to take.

One of the main objectives of the Canadian Immigration authority is to bring in skilled newcomers who can help to contribute to the growing economy of Canada. Skilled workers who eventually settle down in Canada are highly valued in the Canadian workforce. Without these, the economy of Canada will crumble. This is why all who are successful in their application for any of the Skilled Worker Immigration programs will be given the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. You do not have to travel to Canada to submit an application, you can apply to Canada from Dubai through Sync Visas.

As a Skilled professional or worker who is considering migration to Canada from Dubai, there are few things you might want to put into consideration. You can either submit an application under the Federal program or through the province or territory program where you wish to settle. These are known as Provincial Nominee Programs. So basically, there are three options and they are:

Federal Skilled Worker Program: Which is designed for skilled applicants who doesn’t have any specific province or territory where they want to reside yet.

Quebec Skilled Worker: This is for skilled applicants who have decided to settle down in the Quebec Province.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Skilled Worker: This is for people who have decided to settle in any specific territory or province and would not mind applying through their PNP.

All these three program types are fast tract methods of getting into Canada. You should also know that having a job offer from a Canadian employer can help to speed up the application process by boosting your points. Sync Visas are reputable Canada job consultants in Dubai and we can use our contacts to help secure a job for you in Canada. Since Canadian employers are badly in need of skilled workers to join their workforce, submitting your application at this time wouldn’t be a bad idea.


If you are not so sure whether Canada is for you, you can apply for a visit visa to Canada from Dubai first to go see for yourself. Canada is definitely a place to be and we at Permits and Visas are poised to help you become a permanent resident in this beautiful country if you so desire it.

You can please fill up our free visa assessment form to schedule an assessment, one of our agents will get back to you shortly.