Get An Australian Skilled Visa From Dubai

Get An Australian Skilled Visa From Dubai

Get an Australian Skilled Visa from Dubai UAE with Permits and Visas professional and honest Immigration Consultants. If you are planning to migrate to Australia to study, work or permanently live in Australia, contact one of our Immigration Consultants for Australia and let us help you in your visa application. You can schedule a Free Phone Consultation for you to know your eligibility by clicking the link below:


Visas Available for you under Skilled Migration

  1. Skilled Independent Visa for Australia
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa for Australia
  3. Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa Australia
  4. Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa


The following are just the basic requirements for the Skilled Migration Visa for Australia.

  1. You have to score at least 60 points
  2. You must be be aged 49 years and under
  3. You must be included in the Australian Occupation list
  4. You must have a positive skills assessment for your occupation
  5. You must pass the IELTS examination


Take the FREE ASSESSMENT today and start your journey to your Australian Immigration dream with your family. Know if you are eligible for migration. We have a team of Immigration Agents specializing in Australian Immigration who are always up to date and well experienced in helping visa applicants have a successful application from Dubai. Have a peace of mind on your Australian Visa Application.